In-Conference Workshops

The In-Conference Workshops will take place on Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd July.

Understanding and Treating Death Anxiety
David Veale, Kings College London, UK and Rachel Menzies, Sydney University, Australia

Fifty years of Cognitive Therapy for Depression: What Have we Learned about Helping our Trickiest cases?
Richard Moore, Private Practice, Cambridge, UK

Brief CBT for Non-underweight Patients with Eating Disorders: An introduction to CBT-T and its Key Skills
Glenn Waller, Madeleine Tatham, University of Sheffield, UK  and Hannah Turner, Southern Health Care NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Coping with Adversity: A Question of Focus
Stirling Moorey, London, UK

Brief Cognitive Therapy for Adolescent Panic Disorder
Polly Waite, Lizzy Hughes, University of Reading, UK and Emily Sands, Oxford Health Foundation NHS Trust, UK

An introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Training for Adolescents (DBT-A).
Marie Wassberg, London, UK

Fear of Dementia: CBT for Anxiety in People with Subjective Cognitive Impairment, Mild Cognitive Impairment or Early Stages of Dementia
Georgina Charlesworth, University College London, UK

Best Practice in Digital Mental Health Support: Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities (in development)
Hannah Wilson, MediaCity Psychology, UK and  Mary Welford, Compassion in Mind, UK

Behavioural Experiments for Intolerance of Uncertainty: A New Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Michel Dugas, University of Quebec in Outaouais, Canada; and Roz Shafran, University College London, UK

Cognitive Therapy for PTSD Following Sexual Assault
Sharif El-Leithy, Traumatic Stress Service, London, UK and Hannah Murray, Oxford Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma, University of Oxford, UK

Whose Avoidance is it Anyway? Formulating Client AND Therapist Emotional Avoidance in CBT
Vickie Presley, Coventry University, UK